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FlashCanvas Pro 1.6 released

Security advisory

FlashCanvas Pro 1.6 and FlashCanvas-20131211 fixed a security vulnerability that had existed in the proxy script (CVE-2013-6880), and thus it is highly recommended to update your files.

Even if you're not using the proxy script, it is necessary to update or REMOVE the script. If the old proxy script exists on your server, that may cause a security problem.

What's new in FlashCanvas Pro 1.6?


  • Implemented some FlashCanvas-specific methods for CanvasRenderingContext2D interface.
    • loadImage() method
    • loadFont() method
  • Supported canvas.onload event handler.
  • Supported a few new options.
    • "proxy" option
    • "save" option
    • "autoinit" option
  • canvas2png() and saveImage() can now take filename as the second argument.

(Bug fixes)

  • There was a possibility that FlashCanvas did not work well when several Internet Explorer windows existed on the screen.
  • The proxy script was accidentally used even when images were on the same domain as the SWF file, if used with absolute URL.
  • FlashCanvas froze if the fillStyle was set to null.
  • Complicated thick lines were sometimes rendered incorrectly.
  • measureText() threw an exception when the argument was numerical.
  • Loading of images failed if redirected to other domain.
  • The proxy script should check that the request comes from the same host.