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FlashCanvas Pro 1.3 released

What's new in FlashCanvas Pro 1.3?


  • Supported data URI scheme in drawImage() and createPattern().
  • Supported repetitions of "repeat-x", "repeat-y" and "no-repeat" in createPattern().
  • Made it possible to call initElement() before appendChild().
  • Switched to use JavaScript implementation of measureText().

(Bug fixes)

  • Line styles were not set when the strokeStyle attribute was a CanvasGradient or CanvasPattern object.
  • Patterns were painted ignoring the globalAlpha attribute.
  • Patterns assigned to the strokeStyle attribute were not transformed.
  • The transformation matrix mistakenly affected the shadowOffsetX and shadowOffsetY attributes.
  • arc() didn't add the end point to the subpath when the central angle was greater than 2 pi.
  • closePath() must do nothing if the context has no subpaths.
  • IE8 didn't preload the swf file when the URL was a relative one.
  • Resize event canceled createLinearGradient().
  • The disableContextMenu option disabled mouse clicks on the outside of the canvas element.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

Support for flot and JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

Because of the bug fixes in this version, some graph libraries such as flot and JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit now work with FlashCanvas.

Revival of the turbo mode

I temporarily disabled the turbo mode in Flash Canvas Pro 1.2.1 because Flash Player has a bug that the value of FlashVars cannot be changed.

The good news is that this bug is fixed in Flash Player So, I modified the code so that the turbo mode was disabled only when the version of Flash Player was