HTML5 Canvas for Internet Explorer via Flash

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FlashCanvas Pro 1.2 is released

What's new in FlashCanvas Pro 1.2?

  • Added a code which emulates ExplorerCanvas library.
  • Implemented asynchronous data transfer via FlashVars.
  • Made it possible to use FlashCanvas library installed in other domain.
  • Optimized drawImage().
  • Optimized fillText() and strokeText().
  • Implemented setOptions() method to configure FlashCanvas.
    • "disableContextMenu" option
    • "turbo" option
    • "delay" option
  • Fixed a bug that fillText(), strokeText(), measureText() caused an error when the first argument was number.
  • Fixed a bug that swf.resize() method could be called before ExternalInterface was ready for use.
  • Switched to using onunload event instead of onbeforeunload event.
  • Included several additional Canvas demos.

Improved compatibility with ExplorerCanvas

FlashCanvas starts to support API of ExplorerCanvas library.

Some libraries like JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit, for example, call G_vmlCanvasManager.initElement() method provided by ExplorerCanvas. Now you can easily use FlashCanvas in combination with such libraries.

Data transfer via FlashVars

By default, FlashCanvas Pro 1.2 uses asynchronous data transfer via FlashVars together with ExternalInterface; but some demos might show strange behavior. In that case, please try to add the following code:

if (typeof FlashCanvas != "undefined") {
        turbo: false,
        delay: 30

With this setting, FlashCanvas uses only ExternalInterface.

Right-click context menu

FlashCanvas provides a customized right-click menu from which you can save the Canvas image as a PNG file. If you'd like to use right mouse button for your own purpose, please add the following code:

if (typeof FlashCanvas != "undefined") {
        disableContextMenu: true

With this setting, you can disable the right-click menu of FlashCanvas.