HTML5 Canvas for Internet Explorer via Flash

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Differences between the Editions

We provide two editions of FlashCanvas: FlashCanvas Pro and free edition of FlashCanvas. The following table summarize the differences between the two editions.

  FlashCanvas Pro FlashCanvas
Main target Flash Player 10
(Flash Player 9 is also supported)
Flash Player 9
Supported API Full featured Subset
(See Canvas API page)
Source code Closed-source Open source
(The MIT License)
Price Free for non-profit use
Charged for commercial use
Free for any use

The advantages of FlashCanvas Pro are:

  • Support almost all Canvas APIs.
  • Provide better performance.
  • Utilize Flash Player 10 features, if available.
    • Draw shapes using fast drawPath() method.
    • Use the non-zero winding number rule as specified in the Canvas specification.
      (Flash Player 9 only supports the even-odd winding rule.)
    • CanvasPattern object can be used as a stroke style.

We will gradually backport the source code from FlashCanvas Pro to FlashCanvas. In other words, FlashCanvas Pro is merely the latest version of FlashCanvas in our experimental branch. By paying a license fee, you can use advanced features of FlashCanvas Pro ahead of other users.