HTML5 Canvas for Internet Explorer via Flash

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FlashCanvas Pro passes more than 70% of HTML5 Canvas tests!


FlashCanvas provides a fairly accurate emulation of HTML5 Canvas to Internet Explorer. We performed a conformance testing of FlashCanvas by using a canvas test suite developed by Philip Taylor. The result revealed that FlashCanvas Pro 1.5 passes 72% of the tests, and the score rises to 78% when an experimental version of flashcanvas.js is used. This score is comparable to the score of other major browsers.

Test method

The test was performed in the following environment.

  • Windows XP
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Flash Player
  • FlashCanvas Pro 1.5

Additionally, tests for the following browsers were also performed for comparison.

  • IE9 Platform Preview 7 (Windows 7)
  • Firefox 3.6.13 (Windows XP)
  • Opera 11.01 (Windows XP)
  • Safari 5.0.3 (Windows XP)
  • Chrome 9.0.597.84 (Windows XP)


Here is a summary of the result of the test. If you would like, you can check the raw data on the test results page.

Two results of FlashCanvas, "normal" and "strict", are shown in this chart. Whereas "normal" used a flashcanvas.js included in the distribution package, "strict" used an experimental version of flashcanvas.js. This experimental version utilizes an Object.defineProperty introduced in IE8, and can check the arguments more strictly. But the use of Object.defineProperty considerably slows down the emulation speed of FlashCanvas. For this reason, that feature is disabled in the normal build. If you'd like to try the "strict" version of flashcanvas.js, you can download it from here.