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FlashCanvas Pro passes more than 70% of HTML5 Canvas tests!

FlashCanvas provides a fairly accurate emulation of HTML5 Canvas to Internet Explorer. We performed a conformance testing of FlashCanvas by using a canvas test suite developed by Philip Taylor. The result revealed that FlashCanvas Pro 1.5 passes 72% of the tests, and the score rises to 78% when an experimental version of flashcanvas.js is used. This score is comparable to the score of other major browsers.

FlashCanvas Pro 1.6 released

Security advisory

FlashCanvas Pro 1.6 and FlashCanvas-20131211 fixed a security vulnerability that had existed in the proxy script (CVE-2013-6880), and thus it is highly recommended to update your files.

Even if you're not using the proxy script, it is necessary to update or REMOVE the script. If the old proxy script exists on your server, that may cause a security problem.

FlashCanvas Pro 1.5 released

What's new in FlashCanvas Pro 1.5?


  • Improvements to drawImage() and createPattern().
    • Further optimization.
    • Implement error handling.
    • Accept any object that has a src property.
  • Supported a few new options.
    • "swfPath" option
    • "imageCacheSize" option
    • "usePolicyFile" option
  • Supported asynchronous loading of flashcanvas.js.
  • Made it possible to set the options via a window.FlashCanvasOptions object.

FlashCanvas Pro 1.4 released

What's new in FlashCanvas Pro 1.4?


  • Added new features to drawImage() and createPattern().
    • Made it possible to take an HTMLCanvasElement as an argument.
    • Made it possible to load image files from other domain.
  • Prepared FlashCanvas.saveImage() method.
  • textAlign gets to support the directionality of "rtl".
  • Refactored the handling of resize event.
  • Some performance improvements.

(Bug fixes)

FlashCanvas Pro 1.3 released

What's new in FlashCanvas Pro 1.3?


  • Supported data URI scheme in drawImage() and createPattern().
  • Supported repetitions of "repeat-x", "repeat-y" and "no-repeat" in createPattern().
  • Made it possible to call initElement() before appendChild().
  • Switched to use JavaScript implementation of measureText().

(Bug fixes)

  • Line styles were not set when the strokeStyle attribute was a CanvasGradient or CanvasPattern object.
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